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Since some are better navigating this site than others and for my Face Book friends, I have stated below the mission, vision, brand and insight of the Character Building Project.


To foster character building strengths, relationships and meaning in a rising generation of citizens by sharing the stories of successful and ethical leaders who presently serve or have served others in military, education, public and private sector careers.

To generate greater meaning, purpose and engagement in life’s satisfaction by belonging to and serving the character community and the community at large.


To enhance character development by writing, researching, teaching, speaking and leadership that illustrates the relationship between character development and the individual’s reasoning skills, moral will and self-discipline.

To reclaim the study of character as a legitimate topic for the layman.

To establish an authoritative and credible BLOG thereby expanding a conversation about the importance individuals of good character can make to the lives of our fellow Americans.

To craft well written stories that change the way people understand the world of character.

To educate, organize and mobilize “character communities of interests” by discussing, conducting, sharing and publishing studies and articles on character development.

To identify signature strengths that promotes individual liberty, personal responsibility, moral will and persistence in the face of adversity.

To facilitate speaking opportunities on character development.

To team with interested partners to expand the outreach of those participating in the Character Building Project.

Character Building Project Brand

Our brand is an aggregate of policies, actions, philosophies and motivational tools for building better character. We speak to and resonate with mothers, fathers, coaches, religious and educational leaders, teachers, public servants and civic groups.


To identify those of character, understand their virtues, shine the light on their performance and encourage others to emulate in their daily lives virtues such as; prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. CBP will spread the word about these remarkable people in politics, the military, education and corporate leadership.

Please participate by helping us shine the light on virtuous players you may know.



For more information about participating contact:


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