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I have taken time away from posting articles as our Glenmore community has been raising funds for my friend Adam Williams, who recently sustained a C5 fracture while diving for a volleyball in shallow water.

This interlude has provided me the opportunity to think more of the goals of the Character Building Project, the reviews on Amazon of my latest book, Restoring Character in America, and the connection of both to my work with supporting entrepreneurial ventures.

The first connection among the three, all are involved in selling ideas. The web site’s mission is to help build character and the lessons learned from the reviews on Amazon made clear readers believe the goal of Restoring Character in America is a noble but daunting quest. In the start up world, all entrepreneurs begin with the idea of solving a problem that meets market needs. Yet even good ideas are not enough and far more hard work is required for any lasting success.

My editor told me most writers write the book they want to write and he advised me to write the book people want to read. I responded I “hope” readers will want the book I wanted to write. I then recalled counsel from my venture friends who made clear to me that “hope” is neither the foundation of a good business plan or reason for writing a book.

In watching Shark Tank I note the similarity of questions they pose with those by my friends in the venture capital world ask to start ups seeking funding…


Who is this product for?

What real needs or want does it meet?

What does this do?

What are we offering?

What groups are being disrupted?

Who is going to pay for this?

The next few posts will address several of these questions, my purpose in creating the Character Building Project and the lessons I have learned in writing three books.

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Restoring Character in AmericaRestoring Character in America identifies the decline in character in our country, but then gives the reader hope for the future by showcasing leaders whose careers are successfully turning around this trend in our schools, communities, businesses, and the military.

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