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The answer to this question is in two parts; why Amazon Reviews are important and serve an important purpose, as well as the approach I sought in seeking reviews of my three published books.

My research into the topic of reviews demonstrates when you distribute your book through Amazon; getting reviews may be the single most important thing to determine your book’s future success. Amazon is king in publishing books. It’s where authors go to monitor their book’s success, and it’s where readers to go browse and buy. Authors should use Amazon to their advantage. Every major publishing, every editor, asks their authors to have all their friends and colleagues preorder their books and write reviews. Online reviews are the modern media world-of-mouth; they’re immensely powerful and can have a huge affect on how your book is perceived

Amazon reviews serve a few different purposes. Reviews can:

  • Studies have shown that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool – even in an online age, when a fellow human being tells us about something great, we listen with open ears.
  • Convince consumers to buy your book over alternatives

Social proof is powerful, and the more proof you have, the more potent it becomes. An item rated, as 4.5 stars reviewed by 10 people won’t sell as well as an item rated as 4 stars reviewed by 300 people. More reviews look better, are more convincing, and boost your visibility when someone searches for your product on Amazon.

Amazon reviews carry weight. My publisher told me that 50 are the magic number of reviews that triggers Amazon to start paying more attention to my book. After you hit 50, you get more visibility on Amazon. In 2013, 458,564 books (print and digital) were self-published. With those kinds of stats, one shouldn’t feel guilty at all if it comes down to asking (and asking again) for reviews.

My next post addresses how I went about seeking legitimate, 100% authentic homegrown Amazon consumer reviews.








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