Michael J. Kerrigan

Due to the relative success of my two earlier books (Politics with Principle & Courage in America,) I thought the idea for the third book (Restoring Character in America) was the broadest character theme needed to be addressed and would result in the most successful book of the three.

Initial results from the summer launch of Restoring Character in America have been slow to reach a wide audience of educators, coaches and parents. It seemed because I so badly wanted this book to succeed my hopes were what matters. The hard part was not the dream of restoring character or the book’s content and design but, I now realize what matters most, was whether I am willing to do the hard work of getting the book known.

In the past, I had preached to myself the cliché of 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, but after hitting a wall in getting 21 authentic reviews on Amazon, I realized how much more work was needed. While the first book sold well inside the Washington beltway and the timing of the second book about the courage of our wounded warriors was excellent, the initial reaction to Restoring Character in America was you “chose an impossible topic of restoring character in our nation.”

However, it was not until a close friend reminded me of the fact that, WD-40 is so named after the forty attempts it took its creators to nail the working formula. With WD-40 in mind,  I have dedicated myself to further collaboration and input from the two dozen character related organizations listed in Restoring Character in America.

At his point of the book launch, I appreciate two lessons: greater feedback on how to reach my audience is needed and I am in need of patience, humility and perseverance.

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Restoring Character in AmericaRestoring Character in America identifies the decline in character in our country, but then gives the reader hope for the future by showcasing leaders whose careers are successfully turning around this trend in our schools, communities, businesses, and the military.

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