Michael J. Kerrigan

Mark Levin in Rediscovering Americanism concluded with a call to action.

            Nonetheless, those of us whose eyes are open, whatever our numbers, have a moral obligation to try to rouse our fellow citizens to take a sober and critical look at the decaying societal conditions, from which truthful conclusions can be drawn and perhaps improvements made. I understand the daunting task, given the powerful tide against which we must swim and the condemnations and mockeries from those who fear such inquiries and wish to escape them. Yet there is neither virtue nor benefit in denial or self-censorship.

Hillsdale College is one institution today that has responded to the moral obligation Levin seeks.

            Freedom. One nation in all human history was built on that bedrock- ours. A republic of the people, by the people, and for the people. Self-government requires freedom. Just as freedom requires an individual willingness to self-govern. Freedom has made America exceptional… but it can only last as long as you and I seek the Good, as expressed by the laws of nature and nature’s God. It can only last if you and I choose to act as people of character. Forging character has been the pursuit of Hillsdale College since 1844. https://www.hillsdale.edu/freedom

In Restoring Character in America, I called for a renewal in our civic ties by asking the captains of academe, teachers, coaches, parents and interested citizen volunteers to join together in character building and character education in our country. Those listening to these calls to bolster character education in our youth will help stem a further decline in civic virtue and help to preserve our nation as envisioned by our founders.

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Restoring Character in AmericaRestoring Character in America identifies the decline in character in our country, but then gives the reader hope for the future by showcasing leaders whose careers are successfully turning around this trend in our schools, communities, businesses, and the military.

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