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My last three posts: I Cannot Live Without Books, Does Our Nation Still Have An Appetite For Great Books, And Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Culture’s Go To Go are less about my own reading addiction and more about preparing the next generation of informed citizens. Whether all of us are fit to govern, all of us must be prepared to be making informed judgments about whom “we the people” delegate the daily business of governing.

The next generation of informed citizen might consider accepting one of two challenges. First, we can take a cue from Charles Eliot’s “five feet” of books. That is set aside sixty inches of shelves to build a list that would be limited to about sixty books. It would be fun to learn from readers as to what books they would choose to be on their personal shelves.

Second readers might consider accepting the “Century Club” challenge created by President George W. Bush. He created the club by challenging Karl Rove his chief political advisor to accelerate his reading. To be in this club, you need to read one hundred books in a year. Quite a few people can read two solid books in a week and reading a book at the beach and another over Christmas week. But knocking out almost two per week for an entire year is daunting.

Hopefully, these three posts have encouraged visitors to the Character Building Project to improve their reading habits. After doing so the next step is to encourage the reading habits of their children, who will then better comprehend the riches of the tradition their inheriting.

Thank you Ben Sasse for your ideas on how to rebuild a culture of self-reliant citizens.

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