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In recent posts, I have been drawing parallels between the Leadership and Character Industries. Teaching how to lead (where the money is) offers another area where Leadership studies have outpaced Character studies.

Students who want to be leaders have a range of options from which to choose and can engage in a number of undergraduate activities (i.e. student government, sports and campus clubs, etc.) in addition to leadership courses.

Here are but a few of the scores of academic offerings which can be found on college campuses across the country:

UVA’s Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy

Yale University’s Leadership Institute

Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership

Northwestern’s Center for Leadership

University of Iowa Certificate of Leadership Studies

Rice University Study of Leadership

In addition to the hundreds of schools with majors in Organizational Leadership, there are MBA’s on Leadership, as well as professional leadership associations and Institutes such as, Global Health Leadership Institute and the Chief Executive Leadership Institute.

Why are Character studies so woefully behind academic offerings in Leadership? Perhaps those in the Character business might offer an explanation.

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