Michael J. Kerrigan

The Beliefs Behind The Character Building Project

I believe in the great intellectual tradition of the Judeo-Greco-Roman-Christian heritage.

I believe it is wiser to focus on the nobles rather than the knaves.

I have respect for the honest public servants faithfully doing their duty.

I believe in the imperative of civility in our discourse.

I believe principles and virtue can transcend partisan politics and personality.

I believe the virtue of citizenship is timeless as are the virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance.

I believe in being trustworthy to all and loyal to your friends.

I believe truth and virtue will triumph over  lies and deceit.

I believe trust placed wisely trumps cynicism.

I believe aspiring public servants should know there are standards of decency practiced by those who serve selflessly in the service of our nation.


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