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Michael J. Kerrigan

I have taken time away from posting articles as our Glenmore community has been raising funds for my friend Adam Williams, who recently sustained a C5 fracture while diving for a volleyball in shallow water.

This interlude has provided me the opportunity to think more of the goals of the Character Building Project, the reviews on Amazon of my latest book, Restoring Character in America, and the connection of both to my work with supporting entrepreneurial ventures.

The first connection among the three, all are involved in selling ideas. The web site’s mission is to help build character and the lessons learned from the reviews on Amazon made clear readers believe the goal of Restoring Character in America is a noble but daunting quest. In the start up world, all entrepreneurs begin with the idea of solving a problem that meets market needs. Yet even good ideas are not enough… Continue reading

You may not have time to read Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals, but you might enjoy this review by Siobhan Phillips.*

For a while now, conventional wisdom has been throwing cold water on the idea of artistic genius. Forget the Shakespeare who “never blotted a line” and the Keats who wanted poems to come as naturally “as leaves to a tree.” If you want to achieve something great, tack to your mirror that Edison quotation about 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration; ponder Malcolm Gladwell’s summary of the ten-thousand-hour rule. Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals, a collection of short biographical descriptions of artists’ routines, seems right in step with this trend. It wants to offer a compendium of evidence for the effort-trumps-all theory in creativity studies: “Work work work,” Currey says by way of summarizing his project. This could mark the moment at which art, too, joins… Continue reading

Since some are better navigating this site than others and for my Face Book friends, I have stated below the mission, vision, brand and insight of the Character Building Project.


To foster character building strengths, relationships and meaning in a rising generation of citizens by sharing the stories of successful and ethical leaders who presently serve or have served others in military, education, public and private sector careers.

To generate greater meaning, purpose and engagement in life’s satisfaction by belonging to and serving the character community and the community at large.


To enhance character development by writing, researching, teaching, speaking and leadership that illustrates the relationship between character development and the individual’s reasoning skills, moral will and self-discipline.

To reclaim the study of character as a legitimate topic for the layman.

To establish an authoritative and credible BLOG thereby expanding a conversation about the importance individuals of good… Continue reading

My former client and lifetime friend, Larry Peck sparked my interest in the science of talent development. After a successful corporate career, Larry has now set a goal of being a Master shotgun marksman/expert. At the same time, Larry has encouraged my work in character building. Being a very competitive guy, Larry suggested I read The Talent Code. He later sent me The Little Book of Talent and most recently Every Shot Must Have A Purpose.

As a result of Larry’s prompting, my reading has become much more intense having focused on related books like: Deep Work, Will Power and The Power of Habit. Long ago the Jesuits planted in me, Aristotle’s “habit seed” …

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

My recent book, Restoring Character in America was laid on the foundation and life’s work of four… Continue reading

By Thomas E. Minor / Guest columnist


Character is defined simply as “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.” The Marines taught me that “character is an inward trait to be learned only after close observation and association and a person’s character is his or her most precious asset.” The Marines taught me many other things about character that have held true over my lifetime. I listen. I learned. I acted on them. I prospered.

Here are just a few of the more important things the Marines taught me about character:

‒ Character is the foundation of leadership and all other leadership traits build on the quality of the individual character the leader possesses.

‒ A fatally flawed character often equates to fatally flawed decision making.

‒ Fatal character flaws inevitably undermine and make suspect all of the motives and actions of the leader, eventually rendering… Continue reading

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Restoring Character in AmericaRestoring Character in America identifies the decline in character in our country, but then gives the reader hope for the future by showcasing leaders whose careers are successfully turning around this trend in our schools, communities, businesses, and the military.

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