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Introduction to Partners

The mission of The Character Building (TCBP) project is to acknowledge and promote good character in our nation. Several not for profit organizations serving the military merit special recognition as partners for demonstrating extraordinary character in achieving their mission.

After several long wars abroad many service members and their families need help transitioning to the private sector with relocation, medical care and benefits, education for themselves and their children. These organizations are partnering with TCBP need the support of grateful communities to realize their goals and dreams.

Each partner organization listed below is:

  • Committed to creating meaningful transition for veterans
  • Dedicated to serving disabled military veterans heal in mind, body and spirit
  • Provide life-changing opportunities for men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who have suffered severe injuries
  • Give our veterans a voice when they need one
  • Provide connection to military families who understand their current status

The Character Building Project hopes you will support these organizations because they make a tangible difference in the lives of so many who have served our nation.


Things We Read is focused on enriching the lives of veterans, soldiers and communities through an inspiration of a lifetime pursuit of learning.

Things We Read’s mission is to promote reading and education by giving you access to books that matter, recommended by people that matter to you. Through donations, we provide these books to America’s sons and daughters, both overseas and in our communities in need.

Learn more about them at http://www.thingsweread.org/


Help Our Military Heroes is dedicated to improving the lives of our wounded military heroes through mobility and independence

Learn more about them at http://www.helpourmilitaryheroes.org/.

sowwcharitySpecial Operations Wounded Warriors is focused on providing unique outdoor experiences to the deserving men and women of our U.S. Special Operations Forces that have sustained wounds in battle. Our distinct purpose is to recognize their sacrifices, aid in their rehabilitation by mending the strains of their many sacrifices, and to provide strength and comfort, all with our sincerest expressions of gratitude.

Learn more about them at http://www.sowwcharity.com/.

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