Michael J. Kerrigan

Michael is a valued friend and I respect his knowledge and understanding of our complicated political environment.  In a time of much cynicism, this book examines those who represent the best of what makes our political system work and underscores that good character is good politics. From my more than 55 years in the public relations business, I couldn’t agree more.

Howard J. Rubenstein, Public relations Executive

Today public cynicism about government officials is very high. Michael Kerrigan’s well-done analysis of several people who have served with distinction reminds us that public service remains our highest calling and that it can and should be done well.

Joel Klein, Chancellor NYC Schools

Michael Kerrigan is a highly principled and deeply religious man.  In “Politics with Principle” he finds these same qualities in ten of his “pals in politics”.  Because his probing questions are directed to close friends, the reader will discover, in their verbatim responses, some interesting nuggets about public figures that would never be found in a “Who’s Who.”

Charles S. Robb former Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States Senator and Marine

I have known Mike for many years both socially and professionally.  His insights into how government works and the people that make it work are the best in Washington.  I know many of the characters in his book and share his assessments of their characters and abilities.  The book will be a refreshing read at a time when the American people are questioning our political institutions and its leaders.

Thomas Hale Boggs, Jr. Founder and Senior Partner, Patton Boggs

Michael Kerrigan is a longtime friend and has great insight into the functioning of government, history and our leaders. He has great appreciation for the need of moral, disciplined leadership to not only lead but to set examples for generations to come. It is in stark contrast to the comment “they are all crooks” and the cynicism that is so prevalent today. Many of our leaders are individuals with outstanding principles and character, which is seldom reported but greatly needed for our country to excel. Thanks to Michael we can gain insight and learn from some of them.

Don Nickles, former United States Senator (R-OK)

Michael Kerrigan’s Characters with Character is a refreshing and timely showcase of the virtue and humility of men and women in service to others. In these tumultuous times, it is critical we light more candles and do less cursing the darkness. It’s about time we shine the light on the good guys.

Mary Matalin, formerly served as assistant to President George W. Bush and counselor to Vice PresidentDick Cheney, and was the first White House official to hold that double title.

Whenever people tell me things are getting bad, I always ask, “Yes, but are they bad enough.”  In short, are they bad enough to spark real change?  When it comes to the moral fortitude of our leaders, my answer is yes!  We’re fed up with what we read and see every day, and we’re ready for that change.

In this landmark book, Michael Kerrigan re-introduces us to the virtue of virtues, through his Characters with Character.  More importantly, in morally dark times, he gives anyone who is questioning the nobility and intelligence of answering the call to serve a vital light to guide their decision.  Let every current and aspiring leader be illuminated by this work.

Paul G. Stoltz, Ph.D CEO and Founder, PEAK Learning, Inc. Bestselling author and creator of AQ® (Adversity Quotient®)

To my great fortune I met and became friends with Dick Carlson, one of the most compelling and interesting men I’ve had the pleasure of knowing….Actually that’s and understatement — Dick’s a true patriot, a wonderful man of great character and honor but above all, one of the great raconteurs of all time — Never have I met anyone funnier, wittier and unmatched in his abilities to tell a story and fortunately his stories are endless and endlessly entertaining. Mike Kerrigan has done us all a favor capturing the true character of Dick in this fascinating book that everyone should read.

James Manos, Jr.
Emmy winning writer for “The Sopranos”
Creator of the television series “Dexter

 Mike Kerrigan has done a masterful job of isolating and focusing on the elements of character that lead to principled and correct decision making. A solid read!

Frank Fahrenkopf, Co-Chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates and former Chairman of theRepublican National Committee.

These individuals are the kind of role models this nation needs, and Mike Kerrigan has done all of us a service in drawing attention to the integrity, the decency, and the strength of character their lives reflect in all they do.

Bill Brock, United States Senator from Tennessee, United States Secretary of Labor, United States Trade Representative, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Chairman of the Republican National Committee 

At a time when trust in our institutions hangs at an all-time low, Politics with Principle is a beacon of hope. America still has public servants that have made truth, integrity, and strong values the centerpiece of their lives. The role models in this book are not historic figures, but real people who have struggled daily in their quest to live in an honorable manner. From their deep wisdom, we can learn the lessons to help buoy us in times of chaos and strife. Give a copy to your children and to your friends, they too will be inspired to rise to a higher standard.

Robert Porter Lynch,  Author, Consultant, Public Speaker and Teacher

Courage in America is more than “merely” the inspiring story of seven wounded warriors overcoming their injuries through determined, relentless hard work, shared love, and the dedication of loved ones. Todd, Chase, Brad, Sam, Steven, Justin, and Chad share their stories in their own words. Honest, clear-eyed, patriotic, these men tell of the events that prepared them for the challenges they have come to face. Courage in America becomes more than an inspiring set of stories because we are allowed to see these wounded warriors in the moments, months and years since their injuries; their moments of doubt; their decisions to overcome adversity; yes their hard physical work, but really, and most genuinely, their DECISION to fight-back and excel. Adaptability. Resiliency. Courage. Discipline. Hard work. Fortitude. Gumption. These are the arrows in the quiver of life tools. The challenges are extreme, but their mind-set is the key. These life tools are available to everyone, which is what makes this book universal. We all face difficult moments. Will we be broken or tempered? These men’s stories illuminate the path of Hope for themselves and for all of us. Read the book and realize that even when fate wounds us or causes us to stumble, there is a path that leads to a better life. Thank you Michael Kerrigan for ensuring that these seven brave warriors have a chance to share their life lessons.

LCDR Eric Rubenstein, Ph.D. (USN)


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10 Character Profiles
The Honorable Anne K. Bingaman Charlie R. Black, Esquire
The Honorable Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. The Honorable William M. Bulger
The Honorable Benjamin L. Cardin Ambassador Richard Carlson (Ret.)
Paul F. Eckstein, Esquire Admiral Thomas C. Lynch (Ret.)
Ambassador Charles T. Manatt (Ret.) The Honorable Richard J. Santorum
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