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I find Amazon reviews helpful in purchasing books. In the case of The Devil’s Chess Board, Amazon reviews, especially the few two and three star ones, were particularly informative. To cite a few excerpts from these reviews…

“Count Talbot among the lists of conspiracy theorists”
“Talbot is as manipulative as he claims Dulles is”
“Too much editorializing and use of malicious adjectives”
“Hardly a neutral perspective”
“Flights of literary embellishments”
“Authors agenda was far too blatant”

Given the fact that the author was founder of Salon and received laudatory reviews of his work by the mainstream media, this buyer was forewarned before plowing through this doorstop size book.

I could cite plenty of the author’s words to affirm the opinion’s of the negative reviews: one example makes my point; characterizing Dulles as having the “knife-cold psyche of a murderer.” Some of the more egregious parts, in my opinion, were in… Continue reading

Due to the relative success of my two earlier books (Politics with Principle & Courage in America,) I thought the idea for the third book (Restoring Character in America) was the broadest character theme needed to be addressed and would result in the most successful book of the three.

Initial results from the summer launch of Restoring Character in America have been slow to reach a wide audience of educators, coaches and parents. It seemed because I so badly wanted this book to succeed my hopes were what matters. The hard part was not the dream of restoring character or the book’s content and design but, I now realize what matters most, was whether I am willing to do the hard work of getting the book known.

In the past, I had preached to myself the cliché of 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, but after hitting… Continue reading

As many of you know, I have been working on the Character Building Project for a longtime. It is a rewarding mission but now I could really use your help in getting the word out about my just published third book, Restoring Character in America (RCIA.

The book’s message is simply that sound moral and intellectual virtues lay a foundation with other good habits that lead to building good character. My call to action is to mobilize individual citizens to help restore character in America.

Several sponsors have committed to help us get the message out by distributing books for free to teachers, parents and coaches. In order to for larger numbers of books to be freely distributed, thirty more Amazon reviews must be posted this quarter. For those not familiar with the process of posting reviews on Amazon, just tell me how I might be in touch with you.… Continue reading


The answer to this question is in two parts; why Amazon Reviews are important and serve an important purpose, as well as the approach I sought in seeking reviews of my three published books.

My research into the topic of reviews demonstrates when you distribute your book through Amazon; getting reviews may be the single most important thing to determine your book’s future success. Amazon is king in publishing books. It’s where authors go to monitor their book’s success, and it’s where readers to go browse and buy. Authors should use Amazon to their advantage. Every major publishing, every editor, asks their authors to have all their friends and colleagues preorder their books and write reviews. Online reviews are the modern media world-of-mouth; they’re immensely powerful and can have a huge affect on how your book is perceived

Amazon reviews serve a few different purposes. Reviews can:


Courage in America began as part of my service project as a member of The Knights of Malta, a Roman Catholic service organization. As part of my “work,” I visited wounded warriors at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. The results of those and subsequent visits to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland provided the opportunity for me to select wounded warriors who already have, or were in the process of successfully overcoming traumatic injuries. My mission was to understand the character traits that enable some of them to turn their adversities into successful recoveries, while others did not.  Courage was clearly present in the successes.

Marine Corporal Todd Nicely**, was the first of the seven warriors I was to profile. Todd challenged me to write his story. I replied to Todd that given your serious injuries the story could be depressing. Todd replied…… Continue reading

I have taken time away from posting articles as our Glenmore community has been raising funds for my friend Adam Williams, who recently sustained a C5 fracture while diving for a volleyball in shallow water.

This interlude has provided me the opportunity to think more of the goals of the Character Building Project, the reviews on Amazon of my latest book, Restoring Character in America, and the connection of both to my work with supporting entrepreneurial ventures.

The first connection among the three, all are involved in selling ideas. The web site’s mission is to help build character and the lessons learned from the reviews on Amazon made clear readers believe the goal of Restoring Character in America is a noble but daunting quest. In the start up world, all entrepreneurs begin with the idea of solving a problem that meets market needs. Yet even good ideas are not enough… Continue reading

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