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It is my hope that the character community will one day launch a venture to write a character, open to anyone, Wikipedia. The aim is to engineer a system where self directed character authors and scholars cooperate and take responsibility for creating a platform that runs a character platform with a small amount of top-down smartness complimented by massively bottoms up contributions.

To create such a platform, the character community must overcome the old barriers to craft a new crowd-powered service. But who will pay the creators of character content? It seems if, as Kevin Kelly states, “the audience is king,” the audience could fund the work of character creators. Might also the fans collectively finance their favorites?

The technology of sharing enables the power of one fan that is willing to prepay author to be aggregated together with hundreds or thousands of other fans into a significant pool of… Continue reading


Although I am a newbie in the character community, most would agree our major institutions, educational, corporate, military, and professional sports are in need of a character upgrade. Given the decline of character in America, I believe academics and regular citizens need to collaborate in building character by embracing emerging technological shifts that promise to improve character education.

Hyper linked pages is a core idea of the web, why not invite academics, character foundations and all those interested in character to link together by actively participating in the emerging culture based on sharing? Academic pros why not invite regular Joes as a way of sharing the collaborative work of character education? Why not ask the ordinary folks to share their content, their user-generated videos and turn toward the sphere of social networking in the creation of public tutorials on character building? The enhanced conversations between and among the academic… Continue reading


After reading The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly I have been thinking whether many of the 12 technological trends that Kelly believes will shape our future, might also shape character education and character building. For example, might the character community cooperate to create a platform like the iPhone and write an encyclopedia, as is done with Wikipedia? The aim would be for the character community to engineer a system where self-directed peers take responsibility for critical processes and difficult decisions, such as sorting out priorities are decided by all participants.

The next several posts will be based on applying several of Kevin Kelly’s twelve trends to building character in America. With feedback from readers of The Character Building Project, we might very well begin to harness the sharing of the character crowd.

After years of consistently high unemployment in this country, the job situation is finally start to look up and the hope is this positive trend will continue. (See: The Employment Report: The Private Sector is in Good Health)

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The Character Building Project (CBP) continues to provide support for and exposure to those working to improve character in America. Members of the character community are sharing their lectures and best practices as CBP offers a platform to expand the audience of those interested in character and virtue. Alex Havard, of the Havard Leadership Institute, has shared an interview conducted at the Army Navy Club in Washington. Alex often tells us leadership is about virtue in action. Learn more of Alex’s views on virtuous leadership at http://hvli.org/video/.

The next member of the character community to be introduced is Frank Hill. Upon returning to North Carolina after a 22-year ‘hiatus’ in Washington, D.C., and after witnessing the meltdown in 2008 of the financial community in Charlotte, Frank was struck by the fact that many people were ‘mad’ about the situation and especially the lack of political leadership in Washington that directly led to such a terrible outcome. Continue reading

The next member of the “character community” to not only profile but acknowledge as an early supporter of Politics with Principle, is Peter John Hampson. Peter is a Professor of Psychology, University of the West of England, Bristol, (UK); Associate Tutor, Wesley College Bristol (UK); President of the Bristol Theological Society, Peter is also a Visiting Research Scholar at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University.  His scholarly and research interests include theology-psychology dialogue; Thomist anthropology and moral psychology; religion, theology and interdisciplinary in contemporary higher education. Continue reading

Hopefully, many will readers will appreciate Robert Porter Lynch’s commentary http://www.characters-with-character.com/blog/2011/3/14/collaboration-creates-extraordinary-results.html#comments and see the extraordinary result of our last post on “collaboration.”

Robert joins the Character Building Project (CBP) in calling for a our “highest quest,” a “symphony of synergies,” or as Robert states  … Continue reading

It occurred to me through the publication of Politics with Principle and by working on the Character Building Project (CBP), I am now approaching the ten thousand hour threshold of hours of practice Malcolm Gladwell proposed in his best selling book Outliers: The Story of Success. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1858880,00.html Continue reading

 The Mission of the Character Building Project is to foster character building in a rising generation of public service aspirants by sharing the stories of successful and ethical leaders who presently serve others in government, public and private sector careers. Our vision is to expand the conversation about the importance individuals of good character can make to the lives of our fellow Americans. Continue reading

The next member of the “character community” to profile is Marc Butler of Denver Colorado. I came to know Marc as a fellow board member of “Families of Character.” Marc is a unique leader, not only as the CEO of J.R. Butler, Inc. http://www.jrbutlerinc.com but also a leader in building character. Continue reading

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