Michael J. Kerrigan



The following quote from Epictetus, Enchiridion show us the theme of acceptance and when one has a belief in a higher power, then there is no such thing as an event going contrary to plan…Thy Will be done.

Lead on God and Destiny

To that God fixed for me long ago

I will follow and not stumble; even if my will

is weak I will soldier on.

I am trying to keep this maxim in mind when balancing the definition of insanity  (doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results) versus the virtue of perseverance. Notwithstanding, my efforts and the results of my latest book (Restoring Character in America,) I am learning to accept this event was willed to happen.


Since the passing of our good friend and my mentor Chuck Manatt (aka CTM), I must admit I have been dealing with, as Churchill used to say, “the black dog.” My wife Donna always seems to recognize not only black dog coming on but knows how to deal with him. Over our 43 years of marriage she has been slowly teaching me to appreciate poetry. May reading Thomas Gray’s “ELEGY WRITTEN IN A COUNTRY CHURCH-YARD”   help other of our friends mourning Chuck’s death as it did me. Continue reading

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