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Restoring Character in America was the hardest of my books to publish. The first book, Politics with Principle was written from my 30 plus years of experience as a Washington Lobbyists. The second, Courage in America was a natural outcome of gaining the trust of the wounded warriors and just guiding them on their story of successful rehabilitation.

The idea of Restoring Character in America did not come easily to me. I read endless books, articles, and visited numerous web sites on several character related topics. Initially my plan was to write a book about our law enforcement heroes. I thought this would be a logical extension of the heroic qualities of the wounded warriors I knew. I had already reported on the wounded warriors traumatic loss, their vulnerability in rehabilitation, then their comeback, the final triumph of successful rehabilitation and transition to civilian life.

In my opinion, our country… Continue reading


Why raise a moral saying of Publius Syrus,* a Roman slave?

As visitors to the character building project site will note, I record maxims and mottoes as they interest me. Secondly, when I came across the idea of learning well but neglecting to do well, I was reminded of the four exemplars that provided the intellectual foundation for my new book, Restoring Character in America.

The essays of the four character experts demonstrate they are not only learned but also that, through their work on character, they have done well. Few men like Rich Lerner, Mike Matthews, Paul Stoltz and Greg Mooney have their proven intellectual firepower but who have also used it for the good of their fellow citizens.

*Publius Syrus (fl. 85–43 BC[1]), was a Latin writer, best known for his sententiae. He was a Syrian… Continue reading


Yesterday I stated I would address how character traits of ethical lobbyists e.g. trustworthiness, skill, personal influence, relationships, being genuinely committed, being accountable, being inspirational, treating people with respect, and having a positive attitude apply to spreading the message of Restoring Character in America?

Thousands of authors publishing tens of thousands of books each month are not in a position to force readers to buy their books. However, the best of writers who have gained a large readership of their published works have demonstrated the skill of getting readers to willingly to buy their books due to the personal influence and relationship they have built with their loyal readers. So what makes this author of two not so well known previously published books think his third attempt to improve character in America will be successful?

Most writers write the book they want to write. It is much wiser… Continue reading

Readers of the Character Building Project will enjoy the excellent article, which follows. Not only does it connect present day character education with the values of our country’s founders but also is based on research-based approaches to character.

Perhaps the authors in their next article might cite the work of four education achievers: Mike Matthews, the research scientist at West Point who brought Angela Duckworth to study why some cadets are eagles and others turkeys; but also the vision of positive youth development (PYD) of Rich Lerner best summarized in his 5C’s- character, competence, confidence, connection, and caring the 38 years of research by Paul Stoltz, foremost expert on resilience and finally, and Gary Comer College Prep H.S. Chicago’s most successful charter school in sending graduates on to college, led by Greg Mooney. College counselors should grasp the importance of character attributes and do well to study the work of… Continue reading

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