Michael J. Kerrigan

Joseph Campbell

Restoring Character in America was the hardest of my books to publish. The first book, Politics with Principle was written from my 30 plus years of experience as a Washington Lobbyists. The second, Courage in America was a natural outcome of gaining the trust of the wounded warriors and just guiding them on their story of successful rehabilitation.

The idea of Restoring Character in America did not come easily to me. I read endless books, articles, and visited numerous web sites on several character related topics. Initially my plan was to write a book about our law enforcement heroes. I thought this would be a logical extension of the heroic qualities of the wounded warriors I knew. I had already reported on the wounded warriors traumatic loss, their vulnerability in rehabilitation, then their comeback, the final triumph of successful rehabilitation and transition to civilian life.

In my opinion, our country… Continue reading


The focus of The Character Building Project is expanding from profiling the heroism of our combat veterans not only their heroism on the battlefield but also in their successful recovery from their traumatic injuries. Our mission is now to the study of civilian heroes as well.

The first step in this transition was to study the work of the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. The Commission, which has operated continuously since 1904, recognizes the outstanding acts of selfless heroism. These acts usually involve heroic efforts to save another human life. That standard is consistent with Joseph Campbell’s definition… “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

However, upon further reflection I wanted to better understand ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary but not necessarily by saving a life or giving one’s life. My current pursuit is more general and has to do with… Continue reading

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